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Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions to business are an option that many are following these days. The economy is moving in the direction of entrepreneurship and creating your own opportunities. Not everybody has vast amounts of available resources on hand to start from scratch. CybereCom provides developers with the option to offer more affordable services to their clients. The platform presents a simple alternative from which to work.

CybereCom platforms provide an opportunity for everyone to achieve the goal of starting a business and most of all, succeeding. Everything is ready to use and easy to navigate. It provides complete control of what is happening in your company. A versatile platform determines how easily adapted it is to different businesses; small, large, and corporate alike.

  • Domain
  • Design
  • Landing pages
  • Online store
  • Payment gateway
  • Access to delivery partners
  • The ability to manage orders, payments, stock items, and deliveries from one central hub
  • Management dashboard
  • Inbound support
  • Billing
  • All in 1 access
  • SSL certificate

We have taken the guesswork out of the equation, put in the time, and effort and created something seamless and easy to use. We have given you the tools to take control of your business and your future.

Our Solution
Store Online


A fully functional e-commerce solution that provides you with an opportunity to reach new clients while maintaining past and current client relationships. Take control of your own supply chain process and allow customers to purchase directly from you. There is no need for third-party suppliers at all.

Receive orders, accept payment using our payment gateway solution. It is completely integrated with our reputable 3rd party partners or integrate our Smart Pay solution into your store.

We have thought of every possible obstacle and have created solutions that streamline your business transition into the digital world. Our advanced system gives you all the tools you require to launch an online store solution that suits your business.


We have achieved this is through the implementation of systems and tools that offer you full control:

  • • A platform to sell services, products, vouchers or leads.
  • • A full e-commerce solution.
  • • Delivery or pick-up features allow you to control your orders until they reach the customer.
  • • The ability to sell products from any business presents you with an opportunity to offer diversity in your range.
  • • Secure payment gateway.
  • • Integration of Smart Pay capabilities.

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Smart Response

Smart Response

Smart Response is the next level in response and service delivery solutions. Through using mobile application technology, you can easily enable your first responders and service providers to actively communicate to both the client and the control room from a single application.

How ?

We have achieved this through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and advancements:

  • • Real-time location and tracking using Google Maps and GPS technology
  • • An instant messaging platform that supports multiple file format share options
  • • Checkpoint and route mapping
  • • Access to a single control room console with case allocation




The Smart Pay system provides our customers with the most efficient end-to-end business solution. From conception to collection, Smart Pay gives you a streamlined process to manage all components within your company.

How ?

We can achieve this through:

  • • Real-time authentication
  • • The ability to integrate into any platform
  • • The ability to create roles as Super Admin, Director, Consultant or Debit Manager to name a few
  • • A built-in support ticketing and marketing toolbox